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So my mum she has been sick for i while now and i´m a little bit afraid because I know that she is old and she can die, the doctor did give her some medication and she said that it will have a lot of side effects and she said that I have to sleep over at her place in like three weeks just in case if somethinng would happen to her on the night, then it´s good if i´m there with her. I love my mother so much and i don´t want her to leave me because i ...

A conference in a castle

I heard that there's a great place to have conferences in Brittany. There's this chateau that you can rent that looks great. And the environment is great and it looks beautiful and calm. So I',m really thinking about renting the place for a couple of days and going there to have a conference with the guys at work. I really think that it would be great. So I am going to talk to the people at work and the book the place and plan everything. It's going to be really great!

Be able to book easily

A friend of mine works with making a good and simple hotel booking system. And it does not surprise me that he works with such technical things, because he has always been good at computer and everything related to technology within data. So should you book a hotel somewhere you should talk to him because he has an eye on where it is best to book a hotel anywhere. Almost in all cases. In fact it was he who made ​​sure I got a really good deal on a wonderful hotel last summer and there we will go again ...